ACV Global, a pioneer in the field of global education, is one of the largest education consultancies in India which represents numerous educational institutions globally. Having tie-up with 200+ universities we have ample resources to provide you with the best services. We will build a plan on the basis of your interests and guide you thoroughly. We are at your service to transform this plan into action and help you experience global education in a premium way.


Industry Expertise

We understand how important it is to make an informed decision while choosing your career option. Our team consists of British Council certified counselors who themselves have followed this path and now having varied international experience; they are able to guide you through to choose the most relevant and exciting option. Experienced counselors will make sure you make the prime life changing decision for yourself.  The counselors operate according to the highest standards to guide students who are planning to study abroad.


Customised Approach

We evaluate the requirements and needs of the student by studying their aptitude. We help you at every step of the process. The dedicated counselors will work closely with you to prepare you for a global experience of education. We understand that this is a very big decision for the family. That is why we involve family in decision making process by having personalized sessions with them and making plans that can achieve both educational as well as personal goals.


Quality Care

We will help you find the most suitable university that fulfills your academic and extra-curricular needs. Along with the admission process we will help you with student banking and money transfer. We will go extra mile to make sure you are able to adapt to the new place in a different country. Our verified vendors will help you find safe and comfortable housing with a carefully screened and vetted host family located near your university. We will take care of your food, transportation and communication services.


Name That You Can Trust

We firmly believe that transparency is imperative value. We will deliver all the necessary information relevant to your admission and maintain transparency throughout the process. We work effectively and ethically within the framework of Education and Immigrations systems of various countries. We strive continuously to improve our standards to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Confidentiality and security of your identity is of utmost value at ACV, ensured by our experienced team.