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Our Services


  • Understanding the aptitude, interests and skills of interested student

  • Analyze the aptitude of student and accordingly inform about various courses and professions

  • Discuss different study options and professions

  • Study the demand and supply of specific profession in India

  • Study the demand and supply of specific profession in world

  • Study the scope of specific profession in future

  • Inform you about well-paid professions

Counsel & Advice


  • Provide team of British Council certified counselors 

  • Evaluate your requirements for university

  • Inform you about universities that offer the course you are interested in

  • Shortlist best universities present across the globe for you 

  • Deliver complete information about different programs, courses and extra-curriculars offered by the shortlisted universities 

  • Ensure that the university and the study program is globally recognized 

  • Help you to choose where you should study


  • Inform you about different tests and their need for the study program: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT

  • Provide you with necessary material to prepare for tests

  • Guide you throughout to effectively study

  • Provide you digital platform to co-ordinate and study under tutor as part of our digital education service

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School Application


  • Explain and handle procedure for application

  • Help you build a unique story for winning application

  • Help and guide you to write your statement of purpose

  • Keep track on your applications after submitting it to universities 

  • Act as a mediator between you and university and update you about admission 


  • Inform you about different scholarships available relevant to your study program and university

  • Help you with money transfer and student banking

  • Explain you the process for student loan and mode of repayment 

  • Inform and guide you to apply for scholarships

  • Inform and guide you to apply for student loan applications

  • Inform and guide you to apply for grants

Computer Software Guidance
Our Services: Services
School Application


  • Provide you with a secure gateway to pay the university fee. Click here to the fee now.

  • Tie-ups with +1500 student accommodation spaces

  • Student Give you a list of essential items you will need there

  • Answer your queries and offer emotional support

  • Introduce you to the language and culture of the new place

  • Ease your transition in a new community

  • Advice you about internship opportunities


  • Help you to apply for VISA and required permits

  • Counselor will provide you with information about what documents you will need to produce to complete formalities

  • As VISA requirements change quickly we will ensure you have access to the official websites and have latest application forms

  • Update you about your VISA status

  • Help you stay up to date with the latest information on the visa requirements.

Computer Software Guidance
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