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Mauritius has consistently been working to position itself as such a “hub”: a crossroads for tertiary education, attracting both high-quality international academic institutions and top-tier students from all over the world. Education is already a top government priority in Mauritius, and the island ranks first in UNESCO’s list of African countries for tertiary education enrolment. Add to that its geographical location just a few miles off the east coast of Madagascar, and the island’s cultural and historical ties to Asia and Europe, and Mauritius seems the obvious choice to play host to a new brand of global, affordable, world-class higher education for the continent.

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  • Due to its growing partnership with international countries; international and local students are able to get foreign degree qualifications from universities

  • Strong infrastructure with state-of-the-art health care and medical facilities, advanced telecommunications and world-class university campus and facilities

  • Low expenditure of studying and living compared to western countries

  • Easy and straightforward immigration procedures

  • Comfortable and safe living in Mauritius

  • Cosmopolitan nation with vast variety of cultures

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  • Medicine

  • Information Technology

  • Fashion and Design

  • Management

  • Psychology

  • Engineering

  • Tourism

  • Dentistry

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The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in Mauritius is the framework for setting educational standards of academic and vocational qualifications as well as for categorizing qualifications by level and stage of education. The NQF is established and maintained by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority. The education system in Mauritius is largely based on the British system since Mauritius was a former British colony. 

Vocational Education

The industrial training board is an ISO9001-Certified that provides training, consulting and train-the-trainer services throughout Mauritius. It exists to enhance the island nation’s skill workforce.

Tertiary Education

There are a number of tertiary institutions on Mauritius, including institutes of education, and of traditional studies. Other facilities include distance learning centers and polytechnics.

The most venerable of all is the University of Mauritius founded in 1965 and depicted here. It has undergone rapid expansion recently, and now boasts faculties of agriculture, engineering, law & management, science, and social sciences & humanities. There are also centers for distance education, medical research & studies, information systems & technology, and consulting services.

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Your tuition fees will depend on your choice of institution, as they can vary. On average, you should expect to pay between MUR 90,000 and MUR 160,000 per year. This will also depend on what sort of programme you study and at what level. Some Mauritian institutions still require you to pay fees at the beginning of the academic year. You must ensure that you have sufficient funds to finance your studies, as the institution may require evidence of payment before you can begin your programme.

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On a general note there are three intakes: January, March and August.  August is their biggest intake as most programs are available in this month. Indian students can also apply for this term since final marks of most students arrive around June. You can apply early and get conditional admission letter and then update your final university with the score you receive.

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If you wish to study in Mauritius as an international student, you will need to obtain a visa. You can do this at the Mauritian embassy or consulate in your home country. There are certain documents that are normally required when processing your application. These include a completed application form, a letter of acceptance from a Mauritian institution, and a valid passport. There may be other required documents, so make sure to check with before you go to the embassy to begin the process to avoid any delays.

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