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Student Essentials


  • The other most important thing that is to be kept in mind before going abroad is to know every single detail about the CURRENCY of that Country. Get to know about the Currency and the service to exchange the currency can be taken care of by US!

  • Indians, who travel abroad can carry $3000 worth of Foreign Exchange in cash. If you want to carry more currency, then the balance amount can be taken in the form of a Forex Card or Travellers Cheque. You can withdraw foreign currency using your Forex Card at ATMs abroad at minimal transaction fees. 



When we go somewhere away from home, without any doubt, we firstly check up on our mobile phone.  Similarly, when we are planning to go miles away for abroad studies, one of the essentials include an International Sim Card. 

An international sim card can be one of the best ways to cut your roaming costs and international calling expenses when you travel or study abroad. Since you more than likely already have a mobile phone, save some money by taking it with you during your education abroad!

It will always be highly advisable to carry a pre-paid international sim card from India itself before moving further.  This can provide you with not only cheaper charges than your local service provider but also some plans that can have free calling to India.

Benefits from an international sim card:

  • Free Incoming calls

  • Compatible with all devices

  • Pay local rates for international calls

  • Check your balance online

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Statement of Purpose (SoP)

When applying to study at a university abroad, one of the most important pieces of a strong application is your Statement of Purpose (SOP). A Statement of Purpose is a short essay that highlights your educational background, achievements, and goals. It’s also where you should share why you’d like to study your desired program at the university of your choice.

When we write a statement of purpose, there are a number of things to keep in mind. The statement of purpose should convince readers– the faculty on the selection committee– that you have solid achievements behind you that show promise for your success in graduate study. 

Go through our compact guide to help you write an attractive and winning SOP. 


There are 250 million students globally & 70% of them live in off-campus accommodation.

Accommodation is the first step in their journey. This is a segment doing house- hunting for the first time, and most of the students don't know where to begin!

Students are the most tech-savvy and new-gen audience, however, booking accommodation is still outdated. So here we are to make your process of sorting your accommodation easy and comfortable.

We can refer you student-accommodation options at 25+ Countries, in 2000+ regions with 5000+ beds.

Our Services: Services
School Application


  • Provide you with a secure gateway to pay the university fee. Click here to the fee now.

  • Tie-ups with +1500 student accommodation spaces

  • Student Give you a list of essential items you will need there

  • Answer your queries and offer emotional support

  • Introduce you to the language and culture of the new place

  • Ease your transition in a new community

  • Advice you about internship opportunities


  • Inform you about different tests and their need for the study program: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT

  • Provide you with necessary material to prepare for tests

  • Guide you throughout to effectively study

  • Provide you digital platform to co-ordinate and study under tutor as part of our digital education service

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  • Help you to apply for VISA and required permits

  • Counselor will provide you with information about what documents you will need to produce to complete formalities

  • As VISA requirements change quickly we will ensure you have access to the official websites and have latest application forms

  • Update you about your VISA status

  • Help you stay up to date with the latest information on the visa requirements.

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